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Cross Radio Lecture

March 2, 2014, San Francisco, CA

Back on August 17, 2013, Kelly completed an interview with Cross Radio, a Chinese Catholic radio program in the San Francisco Bay Area. STL had the honor of being invited to present during Cross Radio's annual fundraising event at Saints Peter and Paul Church in San Francisco this past Sunday. Staff members (Andy An and Judy Chang) and volunteers gathered to support Kelly in her very first technical eyeball lecture in Mandarin. The title of the lecture was Healthy Bodies, Healthy Eyes, Healthy Sight (健康身體, 健康眼睛, 健康視力). Keep in mind that most of the audience members were Cantonese speaking, not Mandarin. We were very blessed to have Frances Wu, a Cantonese-speaking registered nurse, to translate some of the technical terms for the audience. Through the grace of God and the encouragement of all present, Kelly was able to lighten the mood about serious eye diseases. Surprisingly, the audience was very intrigued by the disease process of glaucoma and how antioxidants are important for eye health. By the way, it took Kelly quite a long tome to memorize that antioxidants are 抗氧化劑: kàngyǎnghuàjì. Pinyin has been her best friend the last couple weeks.

As the lenten season begins and as we are marked with ashes, may we always keep our eyes set on the ultimate goal of eternal life in heaven. In all the sacrifices we take on, know that suffering only brings us closer to Christ. If you would like some ideas on how to live out "a life of evangelical poverty," take a look at what Pope Francis suggests through this eventful calendar. Have a blessed Lenten journey.

Kelly Kao giving a lecture at a Cross Radio event.


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