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COVID-19 Programs & Resources

Project CovidCare

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments, STL implemented a program called Project CovidCare. STL volunteer efforts were focused on supporting first responders and those in need during the 2020 Coronavirus shelter-in-place. We supported other organizations that align with our values through fundraisers and providing resources. If you would like to continue to participate, please refer below for the latest available programs.


Services we offer:

COVID-19 Resources:

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Fundraiser for Building Futures

STL is partnering up with Building Futures, a non-profit organization. Building Futures is an organization that provides services to families in need of shelter, safety, food and community at homeless shelters. Their mission is to build communities with underserved individuals and families, where they are safely and supportively housed, free from homelessness and domestic violence. In addition to shelter, their Domestic Violence Services include education, counseling, and support services.

Building Futures believes that everyone deserves a safe place to call home. Please join us in supporting Building Futures to continue helping others with acquiring shelter and changing lives for the better. 

The Fundraiser has ended. Thank you for your generosity!

An image of crossed legs and graffiti in the background, symbolic of Building Futures' mission.
Health worker sitting with hands held together, waiting for donations and PPE.

Donations for PPE

STL matched your donations to Direct Relief, and reached our goal of $10,000! 



Heart & Hands

Requesting Essential
Food & Supplies

If you are in need of food and supplies,  please fill out the form below and we can even deliver to you if needed.

Volunteers packaging essential food and supplies.
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Volunteers gathered in a circle to talk about their volunteer service.

Volunteer Service

If you would like to volunteer your time and efforts to Project CovidCare, please fill out the form below.

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