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Come join our team of young professionals!

To apply for a position or for more information about a position, please email

Writing Documents
Fundraising/Grant Writing Manager


  • Plan and execute development and fundraising initiatives in order to achieve both short-term and long-term goals

  • Assist with fundraising campaigns both through GoFundMe and through organizing parish events

  • Prepare, monitor, and report annual fundraising plans, budgets, and revenue forecasts

  • Develop and supervise an annual solicitation campaign

  • Execute plans to achieve significant revenue goals and income diversification

  • Perform tasks consistent with STL’s mission and stay abreast of philanthropic, healthcare, social, religious, and educational fundraising trends

  • Oversee and delegate tasks to staff members and interns, collaborate with various teams as needed

  • Work in conjunction with the VP of Development

Accounting Manager


  • Accounting/bookkeeping of all income and expenses for STL 

  • Accounting/bookkeeping for all missions trips/projects for STL

  • Abide by the conditions set forth by STL’s bylaws and core set of values

  • Collaborate with various teams as needed

  • Work in conjunction with the VP of Finance

Collecting Donations
Donor Relations Manager


  • Organize and perform mass mailings to volunteers, donors, and partners

  • Collaborate with marketing, public relations, and fundraising activities

  • Assist with various social media outlets

  • Work in conjunction with the VP of Finance

Working from Home
Communications Manager


  • Aid in the streamlining of administrative processes for higher efficiency and efficacy through various means, including revising and creating systems and procedures for operating practices, record keeping, and communications

  • Organize, store, manage, and distribute information and files within the organization

  • Draft letters of communication for past and future volunteers, including on boarding Welcome Letters for volunteer staff

  • Oversee the gathering of feedback from volunteers after mission trips and the compilation of volunteer testimonials to add to STL website

  • Maintain and organize updated listservs of current staff volunteers, past mission trip volunteers, and contact information (i.e.: e-mails, phone numbers) for easy access and quick distribution of communication from organization

  • Schedule, assign, and follow-up on various projects of staff and volunteers

  • Work in conjunction with the VP of Communications with incoming and outgoing correspondence throughout organization

Human Resources Manager


  • Develop and manage human resources and recruiting activities

  • Implement and maintain policies with respect to the organization’s various modes of operation, especially to be in accordance with U.S. federal and state laws/regulations 

  • Collaborate with various teams as needed

  • Assist in translation of documents

  • Work in conjunction with the VP of Development

Social Gathering
Events Manager


  • Organize, plan, and implement annual summer retreat, annual general meeting, and social events for staff,  past volunteers, and future volunteers

  • Coordinate logistics of annual summer retreat with Catechesis Manager including but not limited to arranging theme and event ideas, communicating with staff and volunteers surrounding event, and garnering interest and facilitating sign-ups.

  • Foster fellowship and team building through above activities and events

  • Work with finance team to manage and adhere to approved budgets

  • Collaborate with various teams as needed.

  • Work in conjunction with the VP of Development

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