You finally reach your destination. The AirBnB host had given you the code to the front gate. There are six numbers.

First number: My value is even, the square of my value is less than twenty, and my value is greater than two.

Second number: Start with seven, add the number that comes after two, subtract the number that comes before five. 

Third number: The square root of my value is an even number, my value is greater than two but less than ten.

Fourth number: Start with any number, double it, add six, divide it in half, subtract the number you started with.

Fifth number: The number of times your partner counted the word "forgiveness" in the song that came up on the radio earlier.

Sixth number: Pick any number from one hundred to one hundred ninety nine, add nine, multiply by two, subtract four, divide it in half, subtract the number you started with.


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